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The Reiki Summit is Over,
But We'd Love To Keep Supporting Your Path...

Being part of a restorative community can provide you with nourishment, connection, support, wisdom and understanding so much needed in life.

This transformational event broadcasted November 8-14, 2021, showed us that! The endless flow of wisdom received from some of today’s most esteemed Reiki practitioners and visionaries – including William Lee Rand, Pamela Miles, Johannes Reindl, Ssanyu Birigwa, Jane Van de Velde, Mark Hosak, Susan Mitchell, Feona Gray, and many more – guided us into transforming our lives and our world in ways we never thought were possible.

Together, we’ve explored…

  • If Reiki attunements open up our intuitive awareness about the nonphysical world – with Tina Zion
  • Everything about becoming the successor of Phyllis Lei Furumoto and the Lineage Bearer for Usui Shiki Ryoho – with Johannes Reindl
  • Ways to master your communication skills when it comes to Reiki – with Heather McCutcheon
  • The 8 Powers of Reiki that have transformed our practice during COVID-19 – with Jane Van De Velde
  • How to stop feeling guilty when cultivating self-love, putting yourself first, or acknowledging your own needs – with Ashwita Goel
  • A 26-minute meditation directly guided by the Holy Fire® energy – with William Lee Rand

So, if you want to stay inspired and motivated until our next global Reiki gathering, there are plenty life-changing lessons, inspiring guidance and empowering support that awaits you on Reiki Rays. It’s never to late to say YES to connection over isolation and live a life of joy and gratitude, even in times of profound change.

And we would love to keep growing through shared experiences and have you onboard for our next summits and events!