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The summit was LIVE May 20 to May 26 2019!


The Reiki Healing Summit 2019 was LIVE – May 20 to May 26!

This richly transformative 6-Day online event gives you the opportunity to join other thousands of people from all around the world and together discover valuable insights to fully embody and express your healing abilities, cultivate inner peace and great wellness in body, mind, and spirit through Reiki practice.

Your guides through this healing journey, some of the world’s leading Reiki teachers and experts in the healing field, will inspire you to apply and transform your life and healing practice through their deep insights, powerful tools, and proven practices, all to reconnect you with yourself and the balance, harmony, and love that you already are.

Learn how this beautiful healing practice can support you in every way, instilling peace, wellness, and balance in your life.

Join our hosts, Debra Karpek and Justine Melton, at this epic event! They will guide you through this amazing journey of deepening your understanding of Reiki and healing work. Enjoy these amazing sessions!

The Reiki Healing Summit 2019 was a FREE event. People were able to listen to the scheduled sessions each day for 6 days. You can UPGRADE your ticket now for INSTANT access to all the interview sessions!

The Full Access Pass ticket also allows you to download the MP3 files to listen offline, and the PDF transcripts.