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The Transformation of Reiki Practice during Covid-19 with Jane Van De Velde

The Transformation of Reiki Practice during Covid-19

With Jane Van De Velde

Hosted by Karen Caig

After successfully founding The Reiki Share Project and Reiki Volunteer Program at Elmhurst Memorial Hospital, Jane discusses the transformation of Reiki practice during COVID-19. If you seek to volunteer your services or want to learn how to approach healthcare organizations or community-based organizations and set up Reiki programs even during the pandemic, watch the interview and get first-hand insights from an expert who has already done it!

  • The shift of our priorities and necessity to adjust
  • Volunteering as an efficient way to bring Reiki to people who are dealing with serious illnesses: The Wellness House and Elmhurst Hospital experiences
  • New ways of understanding and perceiving our Reiki work
  • Setting up a pilot program for distant Reiki sessions – how does the session look like now?
  • The healing opportunities brought by the pandemic: in-person or remote sessions and the feedback received
  • Unveiling and exploring the first 4 Powers of Reiki: The Power of Distant Reiki, The Power of Human Connection, The Power of Self-Care, The Power of Affirmations
  • Sending distant Reiki as a quiet, restorative, reflective time for the practitioner
  • Developing the Metta of Loving Kindness
  • The experience and teachings of offering Reiki to frontline healthcare staff in hospitals during the pandemic
  • Unveiling and exploring the second 4 Powers of Reiki: The Power of Short Sessions, The Power of Intention, The Power of One Hand Position, The Power of Two.
Jane Van De Velde

Jane Van De Velde

Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner, founder of The Reiki Share Project

Jane Van De Velde, DNP, RN is a Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher who has eighteen years of experience. She incorporates her nursing skills, knowledge, and expertise into her Reiki practice with the primary goal of bringing Reiki programs into health care systems and community-based organizations.

She founded The Reiki Share Project (TRSP) in 2009, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to teach Reiki to individuals dealing with serious and chronic illness. Through TRSP, Jane has worked extensively in the cancer community offering Reiki sessions, presentations, and classes to participants at cancer support centers in the Chicago area.

She founded the Reiki Volunteer Program at Elmhurst Memorial Hospital in 2012 which offers Reiki sessions to patients, families, and healthcare providers. She is also on staff at the Integrative Medicine Clinic at Elmhurst Memorial Hospital.

Jane recently co-authored two articles titled “Reiki: Defining a Healing Practice for Nursing”, and “Reiki, Nursing, and Healthcare”. These articles were published in Nursing Clinics of North America (December 2020).

You can contact Jane at: Jane@thereikishareproject.org

Website: thereikishareproject.org
Facebook: The Reiki Share Project
Linkedin: Jane Van De Velde, DNP, RN

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