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Reiki Symbols and The Research of Dr. Usui with Mark Hosak

The summit was LIVE May 20 to May 26 2019!

Reiki Symbols and The Research of Dr. Usui

Wednesday – May 22, 2019

With Mark Hosak

Hosted by Debra Karpek

This session was live on Day 3 - May 22
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As a lover of the Japanese ancient culture and founder of the style Shingon Reiki, Mark Hosak has been searching about the roots of Reiki and the Reiki symbols in the footsteps of Mikao Usui for more than 25 years, so the information he will be unveiling about all the Reiki Kanji will for sure be awe-inspiring.

  • explaining the Reiki Kanji
  • hidden meaning and origin of Cho Ku Rei and Sei He Ki and what they can be used for
  • what kind of practice makes the symbols most effective

To deepen your understanding on this particular topic, you can join us and other Reiki Masters and practitioners from all over the world for more insights, exercises, and discussions on Reiki Rays Community Group.

Mark Hosak

Reiki Master Teacher, Buddhist Healer and Founder of the Style Shingon Reiki

A Reiki practitioner since 1993 and as a lover for the Japanese ancient culture Mark is searching about the roots of Reiki and the Reiki-symbols in the footsteps of Mikao Usui for more than 25 years. He studied Japanology and East Asian Art History at Heidelberg University, lived with two scholarships for three years in Japan for research about the Reiki symbols and Buddhist rituals at Kyoto University. During his stay in Japan he also became a calligrapher and a buddhist monk.
With this knowledge Mark founded in 2005 the Reiki style Shingon Reiki. This is traditional Usui Reiki and Buddhist-Daoist healing with Mantras, Mudras and symbols. Today he is teaching Shingon Reiki, Buddhist and Daoist Healing, Taichi and Qigong.
Mark is the author of several books and articles on Reiki and the Buddhist Art of Healing in Esoteric Buddhism since 2004. He translates spiritual texts from classical Japanese and explains the connection between Japanese history, culture, religion and spirituality to understand Reiki from its roots. His first book (together with W. Lübeck) is “The Big Book of Reiki Symbols: The Spiritual Transition of Symbols and Mantras of the Usui System of Natural Healing.” He published his thesis in 2015 about “The Siddham in Japanese Art in Rituals of Healing” and his book on Shingon Reiki “Reiki in therapeutic practice” in 2016. This is the first Reiki-book published by a scientific medical publisher. The books are published in German language, but will be translated in English as soon as possible. His books are available on amazon.com.


Mark’s Offer

You can invite Mark anywhere in the world to give seminars, lectures, and talks on Reiki and Buddhism. Reach Mark at office@markhosak.com

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