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Coping with COVID the Reiki Way: Dealing with the Shift in Cosmic Consciousness with Marleen Duffy

This session was live November 9!
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Coping with COVID the Reiki Way: Dealing with the Shift in Cosmic Consciousness

Monday – November 9, 2020

With Marleen Duffy

Hosted by Samantha Avery

Strongly believing that Medical Reiki is the way of the future and wanting to bring her contribution during these challenging times, Marleen created the Reiki Buddy Program through her Medical Reiki Ireland organization to support those in need and the process of shifting in cosmic consciousness.

  • the shift in cosmic consciousness and how it changed Reiki practice
  • discover the Reiki way for coping with the pandemic
  • learn more about the Reiki Buddy program for people struggling with COVID-19

Marleen’s Offers

You may find here the Free downloads offered by Marleen www.medicalreikiireland.ie/reiki-summit-free-downloads

  • Free Cosmic Consciousness Meditation
  • Free downloads of the self-healing charts with the extra chakras for you and other ones for clients

Marleen’s Irish Reiki Retreats www.medicalreikiireland.ie/irishreikiretreats

Sign up as a Reiki Buddy Volunteer www.medicalreikiireland.ie/reikivolunteersignup

Marleen Duffy

Certified Medical Reiki Master and a Reiki Seichem Master Teacher, Aura-Soma Practitioner, and a Light on the Pathways Practitioner

Marleen Duffy is a Certified Medical Reiki Master and a Reiki/Seichem Master.

Marleen is also a qualified Aura-Soma practitioner and a Light on the Pathways practitioner. She has studied many other healing modalities including Advanced Crystal Training, End of Life Doula, Feng Shui, Psychic Development, Mediumship, and many more.

Marleen believes knowledge is the key to understanding life. She says that these courses along with their practical application in her holistic therapy center have helped her to understand the world of energy in a much more rounded way.

However, Reiki will always be the central pillar underpinning all of Marleen’s’ healing work.

Marleen works in Sligo, Ireland, where she owns and runs Angel and Gift World, an angel shop and holistic center. She also set up and runs Medical Reiki Ireland. She resides in the stillness of nature in Co. Leitrim, with her husband Martin and her dog Brega.

You can reach Marleen via e-mail at marleen@angelworld.ie.

Websites www.medicalreikiireland.ie and www.angelworld.ie

The Marleen Duffy Facebook page is www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009020593543

The Angelworld Facebook page is www.facebook.com/angelworld.sligo

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