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Reiki Can be Your Career Too! with Christine Renee

This session was live November 10!
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Reiki Can Be Your Career Too!

Tuesday – November 10, 2020

With Christine Renee

Hosted by Deb Karpek

Having developed a strong international community on social media due to her Facebook Group, ReikiCafe, Christine invites us all to dream about making Reiki our career too!

  • advice for those who’d like to start their own Reiki business
  • must-haves for a successful Reiki business
  • inspiration for growing our business both online and offline

Christine’s Offer

Summit attendees may join Christine for a free online presentation “My Top 10 Tips to Keep Reiki Clients Coming.” Please find the link to register here: reikicafeuniversity.ck.page/5586d3689e

Also to sign up for the 14-day Reiki Challenge Christine offered to our listeners, you need to access the following link – reikicafeuniversity.ck.page/83a74f3ca5

Christine Renee

Reiki Master Teacher and Shamanic Practitioner

Christine Renee is a Reiki Master Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Business Consultant, and Chakra Coach living in Bozeman, Montana. By finding healing spiritually through the Chakras (spiritual energy centers found throughout the body), Christine was able to heal limiting beliefs in her career, relationships, self-worth, and more. This was the beginning of her success as a Reiki practitioner which ultimately led to her sharing her knowledge through teaching and coaching entrepreneurs how to do the same. With over 15 years of experience as a Reiki Master with a successful brick and mortar business, Christine has extended her reach by creating the online school www.ReikiCafeUniversity.com where she mentors Reiki practitioners and spiritual entrepreneurs from around the world. ReikiCafe University’s is a hub for spiritual entrepreneurs who are willing to do the inner work to find success in not only their businesses but personal lives as well. Christine also has an online community of 4000+ followers where she helps to educate, inform, and inspire Reiki practitioners of all levels and backgrounds to embody their calling and manifest their Reiki Dreams into reality. Christine’s fastest growing following is through her Facebook group ReikiCafe Community where Reiki healers come together to support one another.

Facebook www.facebook.com/groups/reikicafe

Instagram @reikicafeuniversity

YouTube ReikiCafe University

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