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Key Strategies to Stand Out as a Practitioner and Attract More Clients with Andrea Kennedy

Key Strategies to Stand Out as a Practitioner and Attract More Clients

With Andrea Kennedy

Hosted by Karen Caig

Owner of Mainstream Reiki LLC and co-host at the Beyond the Reiki Gateway podcast, Andrea has built two successful Reiki businesses from scratch and she’s now helping us in realizing our dreams of creating or growing our own Reiki business, wholeheartedly believing that if she can do it, so can you! Watch the interview and overcome this challenge of not knowing how to attract more clients.

  • Put yourself in the shoes of your ideal Reiki client
  • Reiki is mysterious! Demystifying what Reiki is and being transparent about it
  • The importance of having an online presence and making scheduling easy
  • Different ways to market ourselves
  • Vulnerability – you take the first step of building trust with clients
  • Most common mistake that many practitioners do in their business
  • Discussing the pricing issues and introductory sessions
  • Word of mouth as the best advertising and networking with other service providers
  • How can you stand out from other Reiki practitioners? Tips, tricks, techniques, and strategies!
  • Building a matrix of helping hands – be knowledgeable about the other modalities out there and refer your clients to what might help them best

Andrea’s Offer

You can save half of your first mentoring session with Andrea using the code SUMMIT21. You can redeem this offer by going to www.mainstreamreiki.com and schedule the session. This offer is available for 60 days after the summit airs.

Andrea Kennedy

Andrea Kennedy

Reiki Master Teacher, Mentor and Owner of Mainstream Reiki

Andrea KennedyAndrea’s full-time mission through Mainstream Reiki is to promote Reiki in mainstream ways through her classes, YouTube channel, podcast, her Reiki practice and social media so more people may experience the benefits of Reiki.

She teaches all levels of Holy Fire III Reiki now online with her high standards for quality Reiki training. Andrea also provides Reiki mentoring sessions to assist practitioners with confidence in practicing personally or to build a successful Reiki business.

After earning a degree in physics, Reiki found her unexpectedly. Although she was skeptical about it and felt little to nothing when she practiced, positive feedback from others kept her interested.

She has built two successful Reiki businesses and has joined us to share her insights in hopes of assisting you in realizing your dreams of owning a thriving Reiki business and wholeheartedly believes if she can do it, so can you.

You can contact Andrea at: andrea@mainstreamreiki.com

Website: www.mainstreamreiki.com
Podcast: www.beyondthereikigateway.com
YouTube: MainstreamReiki
Facebook: MainstreamReiki
Instagram: mainstream_reiki

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