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Coming Home to Your True Self: Surrendering into the Vastness with Ssanyu Birigwa

Coming Home to Your True Self: Surrendering into the Vastness

With Ssanyu Birigwa

Hosted by Andrea Kennedy

As the creator of the Pause3™ mindset method, a new ethnology that addresses the narrative health of individuals, Ssanyu is inviting us into a space of re-remembering ourselves as self-healers more than capable to tap into our own self-mastery to alchemize all the fear and trauma into love. Find out the importance of intersecting our healing practices with western medicine and working with the whole person, not just the illness. Are you ready to glean out the different stories that live within your body and use them as a tool to self-heal?

  • The medicine of indigenous bone healer and its lineage
  • The importance of having a rooted connection to rituals and bringing in the energy of our ancestors, their knowledge and wisdom into our healing process
  • Intersecting the indigenous practices with western medicine
  • Stepping into the space of self-healing: the ability to really listen to our bodies
  • The stories that live within us – the work of Narrative Medicine and the power of slowing down
  • Building trust and creating an authentic connection with the other
  • Pause3™ Method – gratitude, setting intention and forgiveness
  • Our narratives are our medicine – stepping into our reflective space
  • The need to reprogram our mind: Let Go and Let Love
  • Open up into the vastness of who we are as a collective
  • Insights and practices on how we can get back from a place of disease to a place of ease, vastness, expansion

Learn more about her powerful transformational mentoring programs and sign up by visiting: www.letgoandletlove.com/ignite

Ssanyu Birigwa

Ssanyu Birigwa

Master of Science in Narrative Medicine, Bone Healer and Reiki Shamanism Master Teacher & Practitioner

Ssanyu Birigwa is a practicing Bone healer Shaman, focused on prevention burnout and promoting resilience and well-being of individuals. Using Narrative Medicine as a tool to increase mindfulness, authentic leadership, creative solutioning, wellbeing within clinical and non-clinical practice by allowing individuals to pause, breathe, and reflect.

Creator of the Pause3 Method, Ssanyu is motivated in guiding individuals to share their personal stories of health, illness, spirituality, failures and success to mobilize this energy for change, with the belief that stories change the world.

Website: www.letgoandletlove.com

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