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Using Reiki to Guide You to Your Life Purpose with Sheena Ewan

Using Reiki to Guide You to Your Life Purpose

With Sheena Ewan

Hosted by Yolanda Williams

Many of us experienced Reiki and felt better, but then somehow forgot about it and left it aside until life brought us back to it. Reiki can help you turn your trauma into treasure and alchemize challenging situations! Discover the benefits of staying consistent in our Reiki practice and allow this amazing energy to bring you back to your sense of propose from any detours you may take on your journey through life.

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Sheena Ewan

Sheena Ewan

Reiki Master/Teacher and CEO/Founder of OnePeopleTO

Sheena Ewan offers corporate Reiki, meditation and mindfulness packages, speaking partnerships, art workshops, astrology and/or tarot parties, spiritual mentorship, intentional living products, and most of all, deep root work for those who are ready to take their healing into their own hands.

Outside of her work in bringing mindfulness and traditional healing to post-secondary educators and students to enhance overall wellness, mental health & capacity, Sheena is a Reiki Master, Toronto-based serial entrepreneur, artist/creator, mindfulness practitioner, certified astrologer, spiritual mentor, writer, and the founder of Raw Redemption and co-founder of Roots Movement Retreats – a self-care retreat for those needing to immerse themselves in self-healing.

In 2019, Sheena was guided by her Ancestors to open OnePeopleTO, Toronto’s Decolonizing Wellness & Spiritual Sanctuary to address the economic and racial disparaties in wellness and non-denominational spirituality. More recently, in 2020, after completing a Post-Integration Training with Fluence Psychedelic Training, Sheena began guiding psychedelic ceremonies and working with other organizations to bring an intersectional lens to psychedelic medicine retreats.

You can contact Sheena at: sheena@onepeopleto.ca or sheenadennise@gmail.com

Websites: www.onepeopleto.ca
Instagram: OnePeopleTO
Linkedin: OnePeopleTO
Sheena E.