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Into the Storm: Understanding Proposed Reiki Legislation that We are Facing with Susan Mitchell

Into the Storm: Understanding Proposed Reiki Legislation that We are Facing

With Susan Mitchell

Hosted by Andrea Kennedy

Reiki not only protects us but also needs protection from our part! Learn about Reiki Unified, a national movement that protects our Reiki practice from local and state licensing, and discover what changes for you if Reiki becomes regulated! Understand how these laws are made and get passed, why building a relationship with your representatives is so important, and what you can do to avoid standardization that will deeply affect your spiritual practice!

Discover lots of Susan Mitchell’s articles on Reiki practice and sign up for the Quarterly Reiki newsletter at www.reikihealingarts.com.

To sign up for the newsletter, stay abreast of licensing, get educated, and organize in your community, access www.ReikiUnified.com.

You may also access Reiki Unified Facebook page to learn how others are organized, share challenges and successes, and ask questions.

Susan Mitchell

Susan Mitchell

Reiki Master

Susan Mitchell learned Reiki from Hawayo Takata, who brought Reiki to the West from Japan. Susan dove into Reiki practice after her first class session in 1978, putting her hands on everyone who would let her.

She was the first director of The Reiki Alliance from 1988-1998 and an editor of the Dutch Reiki Magazine International. She helped curate the Hawayo Takata archives now housed at University of CA, Santa Barbara. In 2019 Susan had the honor of editing In Her Own Voice, A Tribute to Phyllis Lei Furumoto, 1948-2019.

Under the banner of Reiki Unified, Susan and Reiki Masters Rita Glassman and Christopher Tellez are spearheading a nationwide movement to protect Reiki practice from certification and licensing.

Websites: reikihealingarts.com