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How to See Reiki Levels as a Spiritual Journey with Nathalie Jaspar

How to See Reiki Levels as a Spiritual Journey

With Nathalie Jaspar

Hosted by Karen Caig

With over a decade of Reiki practice and host of the Dive into Reiki podcast that explores the journey of high-profile Reiki Masters, Nathalie guides us into a unique spiritual journey through the Reiki levels, unveiling hidden teachings about the Reiki symbols, the evolution of our hands-on healing, why we need to practice attunements until we go beyond attunements, and many more. An interview abundant in practical insights that will transform and deepen your Reiki practice!

  • Shifting our mind about Reiki: from energy healing to spiritual practice
  • How do we approach the Reiki system? Fixing versus reconnecting to our true nature
  • When you sit and practice, you’re enlightened! The importance of practicing and trusting your practice
  • Performing versus embodying the Reiki practice
  • The depths of the Gassho prayer position and Reiki precepts as the core of your practice
  • Dive deep into the essence of the Reiki levels: exploring each level and its role in our spiritual journey
  • Our sense of protection: can I give my client an experience of becoming one with the universe if I’m protected?

Nathalie’s Offer

You may find the free guided meditation called Mind Reset here: www.diveintoreiki.com/mindreset

Nathalie Jaspar

Nathalie Jaspar

Reiki Master, Author and Podcaster, Dive Into Reiki

Nathalie Jaspar is a Reiki master with over a decade of experience. She’s a graduate teacher from the International House of Reiki, led by world-renowned Reiki master Frans Stiene. She also trained with the Center for True Health, and the International Center for Reiki.

To gain an even deeper understanding of Reiki practice, Nathalie went to Japan to practice Zen Buddhism at the Chokai-san International Zendo.

Nathalie is the author of Reiki as a Spiritual Practice: an Illustrated Guide, available on Amazon in English, Spanish, French, and German, and the Reiki Healing Handbook. She is also the host of the Dive Into Reiki podcast that explores the journey of high-profile Reiki masters. Nathalie has been invited to demonstrate Reiki practice at venues such as Soho House, the New York Jet’s Athletic Center, and Fashion Week.

Website: diveintoreiki.com
YouTube: Dive Into Reiki

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