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Honing Your Reiki Raps: Words Are Important with Heather McCutcheon

Honing Your Reiki Raps: Words Are Important

With Heather McCutcheon

Hosted by Andrea Kennedy

Introducing the benefits of energy healing to more than 5,000 people in the Chicago Police Department, VA Hospitals, Cook County Department of Corrections, the Juvenile Detention Center, medical schools, medical conferences, and the foster care system through her Reiki Brigade project, Heather is teaching us also to master our communication skills when it comes to Reiki and reach out to so many different populations!

  • How to work with people who are unfamiliar with Reiki and potentially not receptive to Reiki
  • The importance of using accessible language and being confident
  • Communicating about Reiki as being equally important to the learning to channel the Reiki
  • Preparing our brand-new Reiki students and creating supportive communities
  • Key aspects, tips, tricks, and advice when you’re introducing people to Reiki
  • 3 different descriptions of Reiki – the appropriate language for different groups of people
  • Let Reiki speak for itself – offering a demo and having a tangible experience
  • Some less common ways you might consider in talking about Reiki: Ampere’s law, the electromagnetic nature of people and quantum physics
  • Most common mistakes we make when talking about Reiki

Heather’s Offers:

In response to numerous requests for help from people wanting to launch outreach efforts of their own, Heather developed an Outreach Optimization Kit. With access to this toolkit, you will benefit from Heather’s decade of experience to create successful and impactful events in your own community. Here’s the link to an overview page and purchase button: https://www.heather-mccutcheon.com/outreach-optimization-access. Use code SUMMIT for $25 off.

Heather McCutcheon – Honing Your Reiki Raps – Words are important – Free PDF

Double Slit Experiment

Heather McCutcheon

Heather McCutcheon

Reiki Practitioner and Teacher, Licensed Massage Therapist, Author, and Founder of the Reiki Brigade

Heather McCutcheon is a Reiki practitioner and instructor, licensed massage therapist, and author. She’s also the president and founder of the Reiki Brigade, a group of volunteers who conduct outreach events to introduce the benefits of Reiki via presentations and one-on-one demonstrations. Since 2011 they have offered more than 5,000, ten-minute Reiki demos to Chicago police officers, veterans, medical students and faculty, incarcerated individuals, survivors of domestic violence, and attendees of medical conferences and corporate wellness events.

Heather is approved to offer continuing education to massage therapists and psychotherapists for her classes and workshops. She has written a book about her path from reiki skeptic to reiki activist, and had articles featured in numerous trade publications. She has also received Distinguished Service and Humanitarian awards from the Illinois Chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association for her work with veterans and raising awareness of sex trafficking under the guise of massage therapy within the massage industry.

You can also reach Heather via e-mail at: heather@ReikiBrigade.org

Website: www.heather-mccutcheon.com
YouTube: heathermccutcheon

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