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The Scientific Proof of Reiki – The Water Experiment with Torsten Lange

The summit was LIVE May 20 to May 26 2019!

The Scientific Proof of Reiki – The Water Experiment

Monday – May 20, 2019

With Torsten Lange

Hosted by Justine Melton

This session was live on Day 1 - May 20
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After rebuilding his life from scratch with Reiki’s assistance and later founding The Reiki Academy in London, Torsten Lange shares about his successful project of finding the world’s first independent scientific proof of Reiki.

  • the scientific proof that Reiki works and only brings positive results
  • the secret foundation of Reiki revealed: the three levels of existence in the universe connected to the original Reiki symbols
  • what this successful experiment means for our Reiki practice – and our lives

To deepen your understanding on this particular topic, you can join us and other Reiki Masters and practitioners from all over the world for more insights, exercises, and discussions on Reiki Rays Community Group.

Torsten Lange

Hay House Author and Founder of The Reiki Academy in London

Torsten A. Lange is founder and director of The Reiki Academy in London, an international speaker and workshop facilitator, and the only Hay House author for Reiki. He has done extensive research into the history and spiritual foundations of Reiki, and taught thousands of students worldwide. And, last but not least, he credits Reiki with saving his life and bringing it back on track!
After graduating from Hamburg University, he began his career as an entrepreneur with businesses in Germany and UK, and a wholesale operation to the USA. Due to unforeseen circumstances, when he was in his 30s his business collapsed, and he was made bankrupt, homeless, and on the verge of ending his life. This situation lasted for years – but the day Reiki came into his life (and it literally was the very day), it turned for the better.
Amazed and puzzled how an “energy therapy” could bring such change, he decided to explore this further and started his journey of discovering the spirituality behind the Reiki. His research revealed new information about the Reiki history in Japan, and led him to finding the world’s first independent scientific proof of Reiki.
Hailed as a most authentic and inspirational teacher, Torsten practices Reiki as a lifestyle.


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