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Jikiden Reiki and Teaching Cross-Culturally with Mari Okazaki

Jikiden Reiki and Teaching Cross-Culturally

With Mari Okazaki

Hosted by Yolanda Williams

If you want to have a deeper understanding of what Jikiden Reiki is and how it differentiates from other Reiki systems, dive deep into these amazing first-hand insights about the Iemoto system that governs all Japanese traditional arts, Reiki included, and the challenges of preserving the cultural background when teaching Reiki!

Order the Women in Reiki book by Amanda Jayne and Silke Kleemann at www.womeninreiki.com. Readers can find Mari Okazaki’s story in the book as well.

Mari Okazaki

Mari Okazaki

Jikiden Reiki Dai Shihan

Mari is originally from Nagasaki Japan and resides in Chilliwack, BC, Canada. She offers Reiki sessions in her home studio on a daily basis since 2006 and teaches Jikiden Reiki® Shoden (Level 1) and Okuden(Level 2) Certification classes regularly, and Shihankaku (assistant teacher) classes upon requests.

She used to be the organizer and translator for the Jikiden Reiki® Vancouver seminar and traveled to Halifax and Seattle with Mr. Tadao Yamaguchi, the founder of the Jikiden Reiki Institute, pre pandemic. Even though the work has been put on hold during the pandemic, she continues supporting Jikiden Reiki followers virtually.

You can reach Mari via e-mail at jikidenreikiwithmari@gmail.com
Website: www.jikidenreikiwithmari.com
Facebook: Mari Okazaki