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Your Narrative is Your Medicine with Ssanyu Birigwa

The summit was LIVE May 20 to May 26 2019!

Your Narrative is Your Medicine

Monday – May 20, 2019

With Ssanyu Birigwa

Hosted by Justine Melton

This session was live on Day 1 - May 20
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As the creator of the Pause3™ mindset method, a new ethnology that addresses the narrative health of individuals, Ssanyu Birigwa is inviting us to harness our personal stories that are embedded in our body so we can begin creating our own medicine and heal from within.

  • “your narrative is your medicine” concept and how to incorporate it into a Reiki practice
  • using our stories to create and empower ourselves, the people around us, and our communities
  • restoration as a path of letting go and stepping into one’s vulnerability

To deepen your understanding on this particular topic, you can join us and other Reiki Masters and practitioners from all over the world for more insights, exercises, and discussions on Reiki Rays Community Group.

Ssanyu Birigwa

Master of Science in Narrative Medicine, Bone Healer, and Reiki Master Teacher

Ssanyu is a deeply spiritual soul; an empathetic healer who makes you feel at peace from the moment you sense her presence. Her Ugandan ancestral Bone Healing medicine and healing art of Reiki Shamanism, combined with a Master of Science degree in Narrative Medicine from Columbia University, help to inform her groundbreaking practice. Ssanyu guides hearts and minds to be receptive, helping them learn how to transform the embodied experiences of pain, illness, suffering, and trauma into meaning. Through the confrontation and connection to these stories, which often escape description, one is able to connect with the self and heal.
Ssanyu is also the creator of the Pause3™ mindset method, a new ethnology and one-of-a-kind integrative approach addressing the narrative health of individuals who want to move towards a new, authentic and empowering mindset. In practice, one learns the tools to de-clutter the mind, quiet the inner critic and harness the negative energy into productive strength through hyper-clarity of intention. One learns how to access and activate the divine universal life energy so as to reach his or her highest and fullest potential.
Growing up in Mombasa, Kenya and Newton, Massachusetts, she learned how to navigate through diverse cultural landscapes, customs, and rituals. With more than 20 years working with energy healing modalities and over 15 years as a non-profit professional, and as a social entrepreneur, raising awareness of the health disparities of women and children in Africa, she is deeply committed to serving as an instrument of support and understanding for individuals, organizations and movements such as: Black Lives Matter, New York Justice League, New York Department of Health, the Massachusetts Public School System, pediatric physician residents, entrepreneurs, Financial firms, healers, educators, wellness practitioners, athletes, yoga practitioners, executives, baby boomers facing end-of-life and those looking to achieve whole body, energy and soul wellnes.
This healing work-flows from the knowledge that every action, reaction, thought and feeling will be returned in one way or another. The practice is in changing and reprogramming deep-seeded belief systems in the DNA to unlock the blocks, rewrite the rules of dis-ease and disease in becoming the masters of our own lives.
Facilitator of Narrative Medicine and lecturer of Spirituality in Health Care at Columbia University Medical Center, Ssanyu also leads transformational retreats to East Africa as well as workshops all over the world.


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