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Preparing for the New Consciousness: Holy Fire® Reiki & The Ocean of Holy Love Healing Experience with William Lee Rand

Preparing for the New Consciousness: Holy Fire® Reiki & The Ocean of Holy Love Healing Experience

With William Lee Rand

Hosted by Andrea Kennedy

As the originator of the Reiki systems which he continues to evolve since he has become a Reiki Teacher in 1989, William talks about how he first learned Reiki and the process through which Karuna Reiki® and Holy Fire® came to be, also emphasizing what trademarking means in Reiki. This 90-minute interview also offers you the Holy Fire® Healing Experience, a 26-minute meditation directly guided to each person by the Holy Fire® energy!

  • The experience of learning healing from a Kahuna and the Rosicrucians
  • Why allow the Reiki energy to guide the way you teach?
  • Using Placements and Ignitions instead of Attunements
  • Is there any religious energy or structure around the Holy Fire® system?
  • The foundation of Holy Fire® III: the authentic self, the dormant self, and the culturally created self
  • Predictions for the Reiki systems at this unique time
  • The Ocean of Holy Love Experience

A lot of free articles, products, and resources may be found on William’s website: www.reiki.org.

William Lee Rand

William Lee Rand

Founder and President of The International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT), The Center for Reiki Research and The Reiki Membership Association

William Lee Rand, is founder and president of The International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT)The Center for Reiki Research and The Reiki Membership Association. He is also the publisher and editor in chief of the Reiki News Magazine. He has authored “Reiki, The Healing Touch”“The Reiki Touch Kit”“Reiki for a New Millennium”“The Spirit of Reiki” and over 100 articles on the history, philosophy and practice of Reiki. William has done extensive research on the origin and nature of Reiki and produced a pioneering work titled “An Evidence Based History of Reiki”.

William is the originator of the Usui/Tibetan system of Reiki which he developed in 1989. In 1995, with the help of some of his students, he developed the Karuna Reiki® system of healing. In January, 2014 he introduced the Holy Fire® system of Reiki which was upgraded to Holy Fire® II in November 2015 and then upgraded to Holy Fire® III in September, 2018.

Between 1997 and 2004, he placed World Peace Crystal Grids at the North and South Pole and in Jerusalem. And later placed additional World Peace Grids in Michigan, Hawaii and on Mt. Kurama, the birthplace of Reiki. This system allows Reiki students all over the world to join together each month in sending Reiki to the peace grids to promote world peace. Over 428,000 sets of the World Peace Grid cards have been downloaded for use in this meditation.

William received Reiki I in 1981, Reiki II in 1982, and became a Reiki Master in 1989. He has received the Reiki Master level of training from six Reiki Masters including three from Japan. He also received Reiki I&II training from Bethel Phaigh Sensei, one of Takata Sensei’s Masters and from ChiyokO Yamaguchi Sensei who is a Reiki Master or Shinpi-den who took classes from Hayashi Sensei.

In addition, William also has a strong background in metaphysics and has previously been a professional astrologer, hypnotherapist, past life regression therapist, rebirther, and is certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming.

William has dedicated his life to Reiki and has practiced and taught full time in classes around the world since 1989. He encourages all Reiki practitioners to work together in harmony to bring peace to the earth.

Website: www.reiki.org

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