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Ascending with Reiki ‐ Are you in? with Ahtayaa Leigh

The summit was LIVE May 20 to May 26 2019!

Ascending with Reiki ‐ Are you in?

Tuesday – May 21, 2019

With Ahtayaa Leigh

Hosted by Justine Melton

This session was live on Day 2 - May 21
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As an acclaimed Spiritual Teacher, Energy Healer, and creator of The Golden Ray Initiations, Ahtayaa Leigh emphasizes on the importance of playing our part as divine Reiki conducts to uplift the frequency of planet Earth.

  • understanding the Ascension and New Earth of Light concepts as a return to Oneness
  • Reiki’s role in the ascension process
  • daily practices to aligning to the energies of Ascension through the Reiki practice

To deepen your understanding on this particular topic, you can join us and other Reiki Masters and practitioners from all over the world for more insights, exercises, and discussions on Reiki Rays Community Group.

Ahtayaa Leigh

Galactivator, Teacher and Guide

Ahtayaa Leigh is an acclaimed Spiritual Teacher, Energy Healer and creator of The Golden Ray Initiations, a series of potent Cosmic Consciousness activations. Having walked the path of transmutation and spiritual rebirth, Ahtayaa’s life work is now dedicated to guiding others through the process of deep healing and transformation. Her most heart felt passion is helping other healers truly embrace their innate healing gifts and honor their journey of Self discovery. At the planetary level, Ahtayaa leads ceremonies and activations to support the healing of Mother Earth and collective humanity.


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