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Reconciling the Reiki Community with René Vögtli

Reconciling the Reiki Community

With René Vögtli

Hosted by Karen Caig

Dedicated to creating conciliation in the Reiki world so that current and future generations are free of remnants of dissonance from the past, René is sharing his process and challenges of building the bridges for reconciliation. Watch the interview and find out about René’s unification with his mother and the forgiving process of his father, the reconciliation in both his personal and professional life as a businessman, and the process of forgiving as central to any healing journey.

  • The dissonance within the Reiki community
  • Insights on the documentary-interview with Phyllis Furumoto: RECONCILIATION – Along the Path of Mastery and 66 Steps on the Path to RECONCILIATION
  • Why the victim or the offender needs to do the reconciliation process
  • The power and the heroism of the victim
  • Reconciling old wounds, victim-transgressor and moving forward towards healing
  • Do we have a forgiving culture within our western society?
  • Having strong rituals as part of your reconciliation process
  • Reaching the state of heart of hearts: forgiving your offenders in your own life
  • The importance of taking a confrontational dialogue to a constructive level
  • Inclusiveness as a way to create a conciliatory environment
  • Welcoming the diversity of ideas and people: 100 years of Reiki celebration in 2022

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René Vögtli

René Vögtli

Reiki Master Teacher, Co-founder of ProReiki and European Reiki Group ERG, Host of the Talk-show RTalk

Born an only child in 1953 and raised in Switzerland, Rene felt drawn to go abroad and explore the world working in many different professions. He has lived in England, eastern Europe, Africa, and Asia. He married Mischa Vögtli-Egloff in 1980, with whom he has two sons and a grandson.

In March 1991, he found Reiki, and a time of transformation began. Since 1993 he has been a full-time Reiki professional in partnership with his wife.

From 1996 to 2002 he served on the committee of the international association for Reiki Teachers The Reiki NETWORK. At the end of 2010 he and his wife Mischa, together with two partners, founded RIO – Reiki International Organisation, which he led until until its closure in 2017. He is co-founder and was a member of the council of ProReiki since its start 2009. Together with a group of presidents of national inclusive associations, they founded the European Reiki Group ERG in 2018.

He is the author of Weltverbesserer (a German Reiki novel). In his Life-Management seminars he teaches “7-steps” to resolve rigid belief-systems. As a Reiki Teacher, he understands that the process of acknowledging guilt or injury, of regretting and apologizing, of making and accepting amends, in a word, the process of forgiving, is central to healing–in individuals and in organisations. Since 2020, he has been the host of the talk-show RTalk.

Website: reiki-conciliation.org
Facebook: REIKI Conciliation

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