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Reiki and Creativity – Writing, Art and the Power of Storytelling with Deb Hoy

Reiki and Creativity – Writing, Art and the Power of Storytelling

With Deb Hoy

Hosted by Andrea Kennedy

What happens when you consciously add Reiki to your artwork? Or even perceive your life as a traveling artwork? Learn from the managing editor of Touch Magazine about the power and magic of storytelling for Reiki practitioners, and the importance of us coming together to heal, grieve, connect, learn from each other and celebrate!

Please find below three of Deb Hoy’s Touch Magazine articles in digital format:

Deb Hoy

Deb Hoy

Managing Editor of Touch Magazine, Reiki Master, Writer & Artist

As Managing Editor of Touch Magazine for 12 years, Debs’ insightful articles, interviews and editorial vision serve the Reiki Association membership in the UK and Touch Magazine readers worldwide. Celebrating all stages of Reiki practice, from newly initialed Reiki students to senior masters, Touch magazine exists to connect the Reiki community by telling stories.

A story well told can ignite realisations that lead to deeper understanding and healing, and this mystical element of Reiki practice lies at the heart of Debs work.

Using the written word, poetry and images, Touch Magazine aims to deepen readers’ experience of Reiki, through nourishing and uplifting tales whilst also reporting on ground-breaking Reiki research and pioneering initiatives from both luminaries and every-day folk who are either quietly or loudly using Reiki energy as a force for good in professional sectors, in their personal lives and in building community.

Deb Hoy has been practising Reiki for 21 years, completing her Reiki Master training 10 years ago, with Tripuri Dunne in the traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho system, and lineage of Wanja Twan.

As a practising artist, Deb also creates drawings, paintings and sculptures and supports children in developing their creative potential through arts education and mentoring.

Deb Hoy has travelled extensively in Europe, America and Canada spending time with Reiki masters trained by Hawayo Takata and her successors, gathering stories along the way, many of which have been published in Touch Magazine over the years.