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Experiencing the Three Diamond Breath Practice with Jasmin Harsono

Experiencing the Three Diamond Breath Practice

With Jasmin Harsono

Hosted by Karen Caig

Founder of Emerald and Tiger, a lifestyle brand and concept that promotes positive awareness through a vibrant connection to the mind, body and spirit, Jasmin invites us to transform our breath into our anchor and start a journeying process through our main energy centers: Earth energy, Heart energy and Heaven energy. Experience the meditation called Three Diamond Breath where the energy of Reiki is combined with the breath and affirmations to cultivate balance and well-being.

  • Align with your energy centers: explore how the breath is focusing on the three tanden points
  • The Three Diamonds: a grounding heart-centered and intuitive practice
  • Unveil the Earth, Heart and Heaven energy key centers located within your body
  • Why we need to ground into Earth energy before exploring the higher realms
  • The importance of having a strong foundation: humanness and groundedness
  • Our heart as the brain of our emotional intelligence
  • Reiki and connecting to the awareness of our great bright light within us
  • Experiencing the Three Diamond Breath Practice – guided meditation

Jasmin’s Offer

All summit participants can join a free virtual Three Diamond breath and sound bath session with Jasmin this December 2021. Please register interest here or email Jasmin at info@emeraldandtiger.com by November 18th.

Jasmin Harsono

Jasmin Harsono

Wellbeing Guide & Founder of Emerald and Tiger

Jasmin Harsono is the founder of the wellness brand and platform, Emerald and Tiger. She is an international wellness intuitive guide, writer, author, speaker, contributor and brand advisor who fuses the synergies of modern life, conscious living and ancient practices to support and inspire others to tap into their truth, power, and potential.

Her brand and work features in publications such as Forbes, Stylist and The Times. Women’s Health and Goop have recommended her private and group sessions. Jasmin’s debut and best selling book Self Reiki published by DK is out now.

London is home; she shares her work across the world, bringing a wealth of healing experience, offering transformational tools such as breathwork, reiki and sound healing that can be used in everyday life.

Compelled to create something that captivated her inherent fascination with energy, sound, nature and colour, Jasmin’s unique approach dives deep into the correlation between all four layers of our being; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. She created The Three Diamonds or Breathe Love session (as it’s known) using the combination of breath-work, reiki, affirmations, and sound, offering a unique and profoundly transformational experience through The Three Diamonds, the Japanese energetic system of earth, heart and heaven energy (ki).

Jasmin launches her first solo retreat in April 2022, The Three Diamonds Retreat. The Three Diamonds retreat is a welcome home to all that you are and desire to be, body and soul. She will guide you through a journey of the Three Diamonds sharing a combination of techniques and practises, including reiki, sound, meditation and movement. Learn how to use, activate and align the three tanden points aka the Three Diamonds. Click link for more information and to book: The Three Diamonds Retreat – Emerald and Tiger

Breathe Love, the sister company of Emerald and Tiger launched in 2021 and is a community-based platform that features people, brands, charities and organisations that do good in their community. For more information, head to Breathe Love.

Explore the ExT website, go to the services section to book a one to one session with Jasmin, head to the shop section to purchase her book Self Reiki or download a meditation and use the contact us page to enquire about a private, corporate event, speaking event or brand activation.

Website: emeraldandtiger.com
Instagram: emeraldandtiger
YouTube: Emerald and Tiger

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