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Beyond a Reiki Session: the Benefits of Mixing Modalities with Reiki with Christine Renee

Beyond a Reiki Session: the Benefits of Mixing Modalities with Reiki

With Christine Renee

Hosted by Karen Caig

With 18 years of experience as a Reiki Master and developing a strong international community called ReikiCafe, Christine takes us beyond a stand-alone Reiki session and shares the amazing benefits of mixing modalities with Reiki. The interview discusses different practices and methods that have the power to enrich our healing toolbox, being able to reach out for what your clients need at particular stages of their transformational process.

  • Having a stand-alone Reiki session or moving beyond?
  • Bringing in new energy – Is mixing modalities suited for you?
  • Being a Reiki orphan and the need to create a strong, supportive Reiki community
  • Integrating shamanic practices and coaching skills into our Reiki sessions
  • Tapping into our own psychic abilities: Reiki, shamanism and developing clairvoyance
  • Not one path for everyone – find your own empowering match for your healing practice

Christine’s Offer

A free 14-day Reiki (Re)Awaken experience. You may sign up for it here.

Christine Renee

Christine Renee

Reiki Master Teacher and Shamanic Practitioner

Christine Renee is a Reiki Master Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Business Consultant, and Chakra Clairvoyant Coach living in Bozeman, Montana.

By finding healing spiritually through the Chakras (spiritual energy centers found throughout the body) and enhancing her Reiki session through Shamanic practices, Christine was able to heal limiting beliefs in her career, relationships, self-worth, and more. This was the beginning of her success as a Reiki practitioner which ultimately led to her sharing her knowledge through teaching and coaching entrepreneurs how to do the same. With 18 years of experience as a Reiki Master, she has had both success with her spiritual career in a local practice and online with her online school ReikiCafe University where she mentors Reiki practitioners and spiritual entrepreneurs from around the world. ReikiCafe University is a hub for Reiki practitioners who are willing to do the inner work to bring their Reiki Dreams to reality.

Christine has an online community of 5000+ followers where she helps to educate, inform, and inspire Reiki practitioners of all levels and backgrounds. Christine’s fastest growing following is through her Facebook group ReikiCafe Community where Reiki healers come together to support one another.

Website: www.reikicafeuniversity.com
Facebook: ReikiCafe Community
Instagram: reikicafeuniversity
YouTube: ReikiCafe University
Podcast: ReikiCafe Radio

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