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Learning to Listen through Our Hands: A Tool for Deeper Healing with Duncan Cross

Learning to Listen through Our Hands: A Tool for Deeper Healing

With Duncan Cross

Hosted by Andrea Kennedy

With an extensive Reiki background, director of the Karuna Centre for Reiki Training and Research Coordinator for the UK Reiki Federation, Duncan teaches us how to recognize the emotion within the client’s body by listening to our hands. Are you ready to cultivate the ability to build your client’s story using multiple hand positions?

  • What does listening with our hands mean in terms of Reiki practice?
  • I’m feeling heat under my hands – what does it mean? Building a framework for learning to listen to our hands
  • Is our perception 100% accurate?
  • The intuitive information we’re getting – assisting others with their healing process but also taking care of our own self-healing aspect
  • The art of facilitating healing conversations and the need for a space of neutrality
  • Listening with our hands during our Reiki self-healing session
  • Sharing particular client interaction to better visualize and understand the process
  • The challenge for people in healing fields to have boundaries and know our limitations

Duncan’s Offer

50% discount on the webinar on building this technique into sessions and teaching – Healing Conversations. The offer is available for 60 days after the summit and the code for that discount is summit21.

Due to a technical fault, the discount code cannot be applied to the recorded webinar. The cost has been reduced from £25 to £12.50 on the website and can be accessed here https://www.karunacrt.com/plans-pricing

You can use the code Summit21 for a 25% discount on the live Healing Conversations workshops.

Duncan Cross

Duncan Cross

Usui Shiki Ryoho and Holy Fire III ® Karuna® Reiki Master

Duncan Cross trained as a Usui Shiki Ryoho Master in 2000 and is also a Holy Fire III ® Karuna® Reiki Master. He is an academic with a BSc in Psychology, postgraduate qualifications in teaching and holds a PhD in Education. He teaches in an Education department in a University in the UK has taught around the world including having taught at a University in China for just under 2 years. Duncan’s research is around the scholarship of teaching and learning, and he is the current Research Coordinator for the UK Reiki Federation.

Duncan is the director of the Karuna Centre for Reiki Training, and teaches Usui Shiki Ryoho, Usui/Holy Fire®, and Holy Fire/Karuna® Reiki. Duncan offers coaching and mentoring to new and experienced teachers and has won national recognition for his teaching and curriculum development.

Duncan also works with a group of Reiki Master Teachers internationally to host Karuna Club an online Reiki share for Karuna Reiki masters looking to practice chanting and toning.

You can contact him at: duncan@karunacrt.com

Website: www.karunacrt.com
Facebook: Karunacrt

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