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Hacking Self Love: A Step by Step Guide to a Wholesome Life with Ashwita Goel

Hacking Self Love: A Step by Step Guide to a Wholesome Life

With Ashwita Goel

Hosted by Karen Caig

With over 23 years of experience with Reiki and the author of several books on Reiki and healing-related topics, Ashwita discusses self-love as a pathway to experience healthy, nurturing relationships and live a wholesome life. Find out why learning and practicing self-love is not just critical for healers, but also necessary to transform your practice and significantly improve your healing journey! At the end of the interview, you’ll also enjoy an inspiring chakra meditation focused on self-love and how to choose ourselves in every moment of our lives.

  • What is self-love and why is it important?
  • No more toxic relationships! Are you feeling truly loved?
  • Linking self-love to moment-to-moment decisions and how to avoid confusing love for sacrifice, compromise, affection, or addiction
  • The journey towards loving ourselves more and the challenges we encounter along the way
  • What do you do because you want to do it? Acknowledging your own needs and passions
  • Signs that show we’re lacking in self-love
  • How does self-love differ from selfishness? Learn to distinguish between needs and desires
  • Why do many healers feel guilty when cultivating self-love – the inner and outer resistance we meet when starting to take care of ourselves
  • Working on our body image issues – how we’ve been programmed subconsciously
  • Developing a consistent Reiki practice to improve your relationship with yourself and live a wholesome life
  • Experiencing a short chakra meditation focused on self-love

Ashwita’s Offer

If you enjoyed the meditation and feel you’d like to go deeper, Ashwita is offering an online workshop – Deepening Self Love – at a special discounted price of $11 for the listeners of this talk. The event will take place on November 14. The 90-minute zoom workshop will help you clear out the blocks to your capacity for self-love, and will include a powerful meditation to reprogram your belief systems. Click the link below for details: https://rzp.io/l/self-love 

Ashwita Goel

Ashwita Goel

Reiki Master Teacher, Hypnotherapist, Past Life Therapist, Author, Speaker

Ashwita is based in Bangalore and has 23 years of experience with Reiki and 13 years of experience as a hypnotherapist and past-life therapist.

A second generation healer who was exposed to a plethora of spiritual teachers, she combines ancient teachings with contemporary ideologies. She was introduced to the spiritual pathway very early on, learning meditation and yoga as a little girl. During her early teens, her family was introduced to Reiki, and her mother soon became a Reiki master. She spent the next many years assisting her mother during Reiki classes, not realising what she was being prepared for.

After a few years as a software engineer, Ashwita transitioned into holistic healing and took up Reiki professionally in 2007 to help those around her cope with the fast-paced lifestyles prevalent in India’s Silicon Valley.

She teaches Reiki and meditation, and she facilitates recovery through Reiki and other methods of energy healing, tapping, hypnotherapy, and past-life therapy. She has conducted teaching and healing programs in several multinational companies, business schools, and charity hospitals. She has hosted and is regularly featured in the Reiki Rays annual global summit. Her books are available on Amazon. Also, Ashwita offers free full-moon and new-moon meditations on her YouTube channel.

Website: reiki-bangalore.com
Facebook: Ashwita Goel
YouTube: Ashwita Goel

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