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Empowering Health Care Workers to Develop their Intuition with Carla St. Laurent

This session was live November 10!
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Empowering Health Care Workers to Develop their Intuition

Tuesday – November 10, 2020

With Carla St. Laurent

Hosted by Deb Karpek

Being both a board-certified physician in private practice and a certified psychic, healer, and medium, Carla and her in-spirit partner, Ross, founded ‘Doctors With Reiki’ to empower those who are on the front lines of conventional medicine with healing techniques for self-care and intuition development.

  • The benefits of bringing Reiki into the OR
  • Being accepted as a Reiki healer in the community of medicine
  • Healing stories from the hospital

Carla’s Offer

Carla and Ross are offering two free daily healings, Reiki, and Divine Peace Healing, to anyone who follows them on social media or reads the blog.

They also have a free app on the Android platform for the Divine Healing Codes. Here is the link to the app: Android App for Divine Healing Codes!

This is information on the Divine Healing Codes: Overview For The Divine Healing Codes

Website: https://reikidoc.com/

Carla St. Laurent

Reiki Master Teacher and Founder of Doctors With Reiki

Doctors With Reiki is a Healing Outreach which is led by Carla and Ross. They have a presence on social media, as well as a team of healers who offer Reiki to Reiki Requests for free 24/7. Their blog Doctors With Reiki has been ten years, and they have over two million views. Carla and Ross publish new posts daily except for Sundays. There are also many free tutorials on our YouTube channel 77Picklehead (this was Carla’s nickname her grandpa gave her growing up). They have Reiki Masters, physicians, respiratory therapists, nurses, and more healers from all over the globe in their healing community online.

Carla is a practicing, board-certified Anesthesiologist who works in the community. She attended UC Berkeley and did her undergraduate work in the field of Chemical Engineering where she completed her Bachelor of Science degree. After working as a Scientist for five years, she was able to fulfill her childhood dream and enter medical school. Carla has been Chief Resident and also completed a fellowship in Cardiothoracic anesthesia, where she worked on both pediatric and adult cases. A lifelong psychic, Carla began formal psychic development training in the late 2000’s. She is a certified healer, psychic, and Reiki Master/Teacher. She is also certified in Divine Peace Healing, and a Karuna Reiki® Master-Teacher. Together with Ross she developed Agarthan Reiki, Galactic Reiki, Gaia Sophia Reiki, and the Archangel Healing Keys.

Ross is not incarnate. He is Carla’s Twin Flame and they reunited through the Veil in November 2013. He is her teacher, guide and friend. Ross has extensive skills as a Healer and is incredible to watch when he is ‘at the helm’. They visited the sacred site where Reiki was born, Kurama Dera mountain, Kyoto prefecture, Japan, in April 2018. Walking in the footsteps of Usui Sensei himself on the mountain, and visiting the temple was an incredible, life-changing journey they will treasure always.

Website: https://reikidoc.com/

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