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T.H.R.I.V.E.-ing during Uncertain Times Using Reiki with Sue Wang

T.H.R.I.V.E.-ing during Uncertain Times Using Reiki

With Sue Wang

Hosted by Karen Caig

As a well-experienced Reiki Master Teacher, Career & Life Coach, and author of two inspiring books, Sue discusses the THRIVE framework, a holistic approach to hone the mind-body-spirit connection and co-create with yourself and Reiki the life that you want, even during uncertain times. Find out why the relationship with yourself is the most important one and how do we find the strength and wisdom needed during these moments in time?

  • The THRIVE framework: how to start an inner dialogue with yourself
  • Exploring the six THRIVE concepts: Tao, Harmony, Renewal, Initiative, Vision, Evolution
  • Experience a THRIVE exercise infused with Reiki energy
  • The importance of taking care of ourselves and being anchored into who we are, our authenticity, and our essence
  • Why the authentic answers come up from within
  • Tips and techniques for each THRIVE concept – empowering yourself

Sue’ Offer

As a Reiki Master Teacher and a certified life coach, I warmly offer a free 9-page thought-provoking, action-inducing mini-workbook on thriving during an uncertain time at Connect2Self.com/ReikiRays2021.

Just in time for 2022! Reiki friends are invited to a 2-hour Zoom workshop on December 12, 2021, to build your own THRIVE practice and manifest a treasured goal. See the link above for more information and a bonus eBook on self-care with Reiki. Let’s replenish our well so we can keep giving to the world.

Sue Wang

Sue Wang

Reiki Master, Career and Life Coach

Sue Wang is a Reiki Master teacher, certified Professional Coach, a psychological astrologer, and an author. She helps creatives, empaths, and seekers to step into power by nurturing self-relationship via the mind, body, and spirit.

She worked at MIT, Dartmouth, Wellesley, and Babson as a senior career counselor before fully delving into life coaching and energy work.

In addition to her MESSAGES from the Black Recliner: A Memoir of Healing Body & Spirit, Sue wrote Assert & Thrive in a Busy World: Self-Care with Reiki and created the Career Success Using Reiki online course. Sue holds an Ed.M. from Harvard University and B.A. from Wellesley College. She lives in the lush hills of Vermont.

Website: www.connect2self.com

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