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Cultivate Inner Peace by Combining Reiki with Other Healing Tools with Thea van der Merwe, Ph.D.

Cultivate Inner Peace by Combining Reiki with Other Healing Tools

With Thea van der Merwe, Ph.D

Hosted by Andrea Kennedy

Inner peace isn’t just something that will appear out of the blue; it is something that we have to cultivate. It’s like growing a garden. So start growing your peaceful inner garden with valuable insights on how to let go of self-criticism, blame, guilt and fear, and nurture it with acceptance, love, compassion and forgiveness for ourselves and those around us. Explore amazing healing techniques to get empowered on your journey to inner peace!

Find out more about Thea van der Merwe’s offerings, retreats, and practice on her website: www.viterra.co.za

Thea van der Merwe

Thea van der Merwe, Ph.D.

Holistic Energy and Spiritual Healer, Shaman, and Teacher

Thea van der Merwe is a nationally and internationally trained holistic energy and spiritual healer, shaman, and teacher. She is an intuitive and often uses readings and/or divination as a way of accessing spiritual guidance and to complement the healing therapies offered.

One of Thea’s greatest passions is Reiki and she has trained extensively in this field. Thea is a certified and experienced Reiki Master Teacher, qualified in Usui Reiki, Reijukido, Karuna Ki Reiki, Gendai Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, and Crystal Reiki. She has also obtained the title of Shihan (full master/teacher), the highest level in Gendai Reiki Ho. Thea has also trained extensively in a range of other complementary therapies and holds a Doctorate in Philosophy.

Thea is an internationally accredited Holistic Therapist, offering a range of energy and spiritual healing therapies, including Reiki Healing, Animal Reiki, Crystal Healing, Shamanic Healing, Life Coaching, and Transformation Coaching. She also teaches most of the therapies she practices.

Since earlier this year, her healing practice is also home to a community space where she offers regular group meditations and mini retreats, free of charge or at a minimal fee. Group and community support in our healing journeys, and empowering women, in particular, are close to her heart and having been able to create a sacred space for her “soul tribe” is a dream come true.

Finally, Thea is nationally and internationally registered with the South African Reiki Masters Association and The Reiki Healing Association, respectively. These are both professional associations for the local and global Reiki communities, working to promote the wide-reaching practice and healing effects of Reiki throughout the world and where the primary philosophy is that together, we can do so much more.

Website: www.viterra.co.za