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Planting Seeds for the Future: How to Teach Reiki to Children with Rickie Freedman

Planting Seeds for the Future: How to Teach Reiki to Children

With Rickie Freedman

Hosted by Andrea Kennedy

Founder of Reiki by Rickie – ReikiSpace & Learning Place and author of ReikiKids, an interactive coloring/activity manual, Rickie explores the ways through which we can start teaching Reiki to children, believing that the earlier we can share this with them, the better our future world is going to be!

  • Meet Fluffy Puppy and the touching story of Ryan
  • How can the ReikiKids manual assist the children
  • Reiki as an energy management system for sensitive children
  • Differences between teaching Reiki to children versus teaching Reiki to adults
  • Offering Reiki sessions to children
  • Reiki-attuned adults and the importance of having a special healing time with their children

Rickie’s Offer

$5 off her November 30th Virtual Workshop – Teaching Kids Reiki the “ReikiKids” Way ~ For Parents, Reiki Practitioners and Teachers. To get the discount use the coupon code friend when registering for the workshop on Rickie’s website https://reikibyrickie.com/.

Rickie Freedman

Rickie Freedman

Reiki Master Teacher, P.T.

For over 25 years, Rickie has focused on an Integrative approach to Holistic Wellness, her specialty is “Reiki by Rickie ~ Gentle Touch, Deep Healing”.

Rickie offers sessions, and shares workshops and Reiki Classes for all levels including “Reiki for Healthcare Professionals” and “ReikiKids”. She created and opened Harrisburg PA’s first Reiki Center, “Reiki by Rickie ~ ReikiSpace & Learning Place” in 2013.

Rickie is Certified in ReikiSound and ReikiVoice, and as a Certified Holistic Health Coach guides other Holistic Healers with her Mentorship Program “Follow your Heart AND Do it Smart!”

Rickie authored and created “Reiki Rickie shares ReikiKids”, an interactive coloring/activity manual, and offers Virtual workshops for parents and teachers who desire to teach Reiki to kids.

Rickie’s Mission is to bring the Inner Peace of Living the Reiki Experience in a grounded way to the world. She says, “I don’t DO Reiki, I LIVE Reiki!” and believes that “Our world and this Earth need all the Light, Love and Positive Energy we can possibly share!”

Website: reikibyrickie.com
Facebook: Reiki by Rickie
Twitter: Rickie Freedman

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