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Transformation through Reiki with Rosemary Levesque

The summit was LIVE May 20 to May 26 2019!

Transformation through Reiki

Friday – May 24, 2019

With Rosemary Levesque

Hosted by Debra Karpek

This session was live on Day 5 - May 24
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Owner of Second Nature Healing and developer of the Lightworkers Studio, Rosemary‘s mission is not to teach Reiki but to teach and encourage people to remember who they really are by using Reiki.

  • inner transformation as a condition to assist others in transforming themselves
  • Reiki support in times of transformation
  • life experiences and transformational healing stories with Reiki

To deepen your understanding on this particular topic, you can join us and other Reiki Masters and practitioners from all over the world for more insights, exercises, and discussions on Reiki Rays Community Group.

Rosemary Levesque

Licensed Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master Teacher, Shaman

Rosemary Levesque is a Licensed Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master Teacher, and Shaman. She is the owner of “Second Nature Healing” and developer of the Lightworkers Studio. Her mission is to offer education, experiences, and opportunities to learn and grow as lightworkers, encourages people to look at all aspects of their humanness, to be aware of their own thoughts and how they manifest into physical form.
Rosemary studied Biological Sciences, Secondary Education and Art at the University of New Hampshire. She continued postgraduate work in biology, becoming a biology teacher in the United States and abroad. She’s come into her true calling with her Crystal-Clear Coaching Program as a Psychic Intuitive, Licensed Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master Teacher, Shaman, and Vibrational Sound Master Teacher. She is the author of “Heal Together – Natural Health Solutions for Animals and Their Humans”.
Rosemary’s awakening led to a new way of looking at what school had taught her. She needed to step beyond scientific explanations to discover the truth – that we are already whole, vibrant, sovereign beings filled with Divine Love and Wisdom – the wisdom to heal is innately held in the body. Little did she know that the study of the nature of life would lead to her “work”.
It has been Rosemary’s joy and honor to work with people to support their awakening. Her work over the years has connected her in a very intimate way with Spiritual Energy. Rosemary enjoys all aspects of spiritual energy healing to promote healing on levels with which we have little explanation and understanding.
Reach Rosemary at Rosemary@secondnaturehealing.com


Rosemary’s Offers

The first ten people that contact Rosemary will receive a free one hour coaching / healing session. Please mention the summit when contacting her: https://secondnaturehealing.com/heal.html

Free e-book – 5 Secrets to Love Your Abundant Life – https://www.secondnaturehealing.com/get-clear

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