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Manifesting Abundance with Reiki and Archangels with Neelam Rai

The summit will be LIVE May 20 - May 26!

Manifesting Abundance with Reiki and Archangels

Friday – May 24, 2019

With Neelam Rai

Hosted by Justine Melton

This session will be live on Day 5 - May 24
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Neelam Rai

Angelic Master Healer & Spiritual Business Mentor

Neelam Rai is an Angelic Master Healer & Spiritual Business Mentor with Reiki Master Teacher Certifications in Angelic, Tibetan, Karuna, and Money Reiki. Neelam is also certified in Angel Card Reading, Health and Life Coach (ICF), Advanced Pranic Healing, Shamanic Healing, NLP, Shambala Reiki. EFT, Akashic Records, Chakra Wisdom, Meditations, etc.
Neelam has a Degree Master’s in Leadership, Business Administration (working toward Ph.D. in Metaphysics)
She helps her clients clear energetic and abundance and money blocks from their energy system. Neelam helps unlock the power of the innate gifts, and help her clients create a business and life that they are all born to embrace.


Neelam’s Offers

15 Page Ebook to Manifest Abundance & Prosperity with Angels – https://neelamsnamaste.com/boost-your-success-mindset-and-clear-money-blocks

Angelic Business Membership – https://neelamsnamaste.com/angelic-biz-membership-2019/

For the first 25 Spiritual Entrepreneurs/Healers needing support in growing their Practice, Gain Confidence in their abilities, and Create more Impact and Income there are EXPIRING BONUS with Prosperity and Financial Freedom Program.