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Social Media Secrets for Our Reiki Business Success with Karen Caig

Social Media Secrets for Our Reiki Business Success

With Karen Caig

Hosted by Andrea Kennedy

Owner of Reiki Institute and an integral part of the social media team for the International Center for Reiki Training, Karen will be sharing with us what she had learned about branding, marketing, and networking, unveiling some inspiring social media secrets that you’ll find useful for your Reiki business success. We’ll explore the wide array of social media platforms and find out why it’s so important to have a social media presence imprinted with your own energy!

  • Incorporating social media into our Reiki business
  • Limit the negativity! How to cope with the toxicity of social media
  • Being conscious of what you’re saying and what you’re doing
  • The secret for building a following on social media
  • Your vibe attracts your tribe!
  • The importance of being consistent and not trying to be everything to everybody
  • How do we choose the right social media platform for us?
  • Supporting or addressing diversity on social media posts
  • Inclusivity reflected through social media and Reiki business practices
  • Invest in the learning! Using Google and tutorials to get better and reach more people
  • What to do if you’re not getting engagement in your social media

Karen’s Offer

Free special e-book on social media tips for Reiki practitioners – Social Media Secrets: Create a Successful Reiki Business. To get the eBook free you need to enter the coupon code Summit2021 at checkout: https://reiki-institute.com/shop.

Karen Caig

Karen Caig

M.A., LRMT, and Owner of Reiki Institute

Karen Caig , a Licensed Reiki Master Teacher with the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT), has been teaching Reiki since 2013. She retired from teaching college English for thirty years in order to pursue her Reiki career full time. Bringing her expertise in teaching, writing, comparative literature, and language together, she teaches students from all over the world. She trains students in all levels of Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki and coaches clients in social media and business.

Karen also serves on the social media team for the ICRT, and she loves sharing with others what she has learned about social media platforms and best business practices. Many of her students and coaching clients, like Karen, learned Reiki because they want to help people, not because they wanted to run a business. A natural teacher, Karen began sharing with others what she learned about branding, marketing, and networking. She believes that business can be spiritual and that spirituality can use a strong business plan to reach and empower more people.

Karen has written for Reiki News Magazine and is currently working on two different books about Reiki. She lives in the Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas with her two cats and other critters. You can learn more on her website and follow her on social media.

Website: reiki-institute.com
Facebook: ArkansasReikiInstitute
Instagram: arkansas.reiki
Twitter: Karen Caig
TikTok: karencaig0

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