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Reiki and the Gift of Acceptance with Nathalie Jaspar

Reiki and the Gift of Acceptance

With Nathalie Jaspar

Hosted by Yolanda Williams

One of the challenges on the journey of peace is shifting from resistance to acceptance. But fortunately, we have at our disposal some amazing healing tools to use! This interview emphasizes the importance of hands-on healing, Gassho meditation, the Reiki precepts and symbols when starting to cultivate peace! Explore how the Reiki practice can help you in recognizing the need for this gift of acceptance!

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Nathalie Jaspar

Nathalie Jaspar

Reiki Master, Author and Podcaster, Dive Into Reiki

Nathalie Jaspar is a Reiki master with over a decade of experience. She’s a graduate teacher from the International House of Reiki, led by world-renowned Reiki master Frans Stiene. She also trained with the Center for True Health, and the International Center for Reiki.

To gain an even deeper understanding of Reiki practice, Nathalie went to Japan to practice Zen Buddhism at the Chokai-san International Zendo.

Nathalie is the author of Reiki as a Spiritual Practice: an Illustrated Guide, available on Amazon in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German, and the Reiki Healing Handbook. She is also the host of the Dive Into Reiki podcast that explores the journey of high-profile Reiki masters. Nathalie has been invited to demonstrate Reiki practice at venues such as Soho House, the New York Jet’s Athletic Center, and Fashion Week.

Website: diveintoreiki.com
YouTube: Dive Into Reiki
Facebook: Dive Into Reiki
Instagram: diveintoreiki