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Satori, Detachment, and Being Reiki: How Being Present In Every Moment Shapes our Life and Practice with Bruce Taylor

Satori, Detachment, and Being Reiki: How Being Present In Every Moment Shapes our Life and Practice

With Bruce Taylor

Hosted by Andrea Kennedy

Due to his consistent practices of Reiki, meditation, pranayama, and yoga, Bruce expanded his perception about Satori, detachment and spiritual practice, emphasizing the being-ness instead of the doing-ness. What happens when we detach as much of the ego as possible from the practice of Reiki and simply sit and hold space with the practice? The insights shared within the interview will show you that the longer we can detach, the faster we can realize that we actually can live without pain and suffering!

  • The idea of Satori and detachment within our Reiki practice
  • How to look at the narrative of our suffering and detach from its meaning
  • Letting go of the dualistic understanding of I’m sick versus I’m not sick
  • The art of cultivating a space of detachment where we can let go and surrender
  • Can we truly heal someone else? The importance of holding space for others
  • Cultivate inner awareness using the Reiki symbols: profound perspectives on the Cho Ku Rei, Sei He Ki, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen and Dai Ko Myo symbols
  • Why is it so important to go at your own pace? – the embodiment of all the Reiki precepts

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Bruce Taylor

Bruce Taylor

Reiki Master Teacher and Holistic Healthcare Practitioner based in France, USA, and Hong Kong

Bruce Taylor has always had a strong interest in working with Qi, or vital life energy, since a very young age. He is dedicated to balancing the energy within so we can flourish in our lives.

Bruce is a Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner in Usui Reiki, Tibetan, and Kundalini traditions. In addition to Reiki, he is a teacher and practitioner of meditation, pranayama (the mastery of one’s breath), tantric energy and sexuality, and a wellbeing & relationship coach for both individuals and couples.

Bruce is also a certified Ashtanga Yoga instructor (RYT 200) and has been practicing yoga for over 20 years.

Bruce is currently based in Dordogne, France where he runs Reiki training and healing sessions, Holistic Wellness Retreats, and Wellness Programmes. Prior to France, he was working at The Vitality Center, Hong Kong’s oldest Holistic Wellness and Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic, where he was the resident Reiki Practitioner and Chi/Energy healer.

You can contact Bruce at: bruce@rootsoflife.org

Website: rootsoflife.org

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