A groundbreaking event specifically designed to offer a trusted pathway to rediscover your inner garden of light, where the seeds of healing and transformation reside, and inspire a world brimming with peace, compassion, and genuine connections.

The Reiki Summit is Over, But We'd Love To Keep Supporting Your Path...

This transformational event broadcasted November 11-15, 2023

True healing resonates in the connections we forge, the stories we share, and the support we lend to one another.

Hosted by the esteemed Yolanda Williams and Heather McCutcheon, this transformational event broadcasted November 11-15, 2023, showed us that! The endless flow of wisdom received from some of today’s most esteemed Reiki practitioners and visionaries – including Andrea Kennedy, Pamela Miles, Tina Zion, Ann Baldwin, Frans Stiene, Ifetayo White, Johannes Reindl, Natalie Dyer, Rosemary Pharo, Marie Kyoko Morohoshi and many more – guided us into transforming our lives and our world in ways we never thought were possible.

Together, we've explored...

And many more!

And we would love to keep growing through shared experiences and have you onboard for our next summits and events!

Take a sneak peek into our latest event, the 2023 Reiki Summit:

Even if the 2023 Reiki Summit is over, you can still access its content by purchasing the summit package! You'll receive instant, lifetime access to the complete set of downloadable videos, audios, and transcripts, plus get amazing bonuses valued at $500!



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