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Are We at the Threshold of a New Era for Reiki? The Reiki Consciousness with René Vögtli

Are We at the Threshold of a New Era for Reiki? The Reiki Consciousness

With René Vögtli

Hosted by Yolanda Williams

Many times you’ve wondered, how can I help? How can I contribute and help the world? Now you’ll know! Discover what Reiki consciousness is and practical examples of how this starts integrating into our work, business, and cultural lives. Learn how you can organize with other Reiki practitioners and become examples of the Reiki principles in your daily lives!

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Learn more about René Vögtli’s work at www.reiki-international.ch and www.reiki-conciliation.org.

René Vögtli

René Vögtli

Reiki Master Teacher ‘Usui Shiki Ryoho’, Source of Reiki-Conciliation, Co-founder of ProReiki and European Reiki Group ERG, Host of the talk-show RTalk

Full time Reiki teacher since 1992. Before that, René Vögtli worked as a commodity trader and lived in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Together with his wife Mischa Vögtli-Egloff they run reiki-international.ch giving Reiki classes and training Master-teachers globally. They live in Switzerland and Greece and have two sons.

René Vögtli has been founder and member in committees of exclusive and inclusive Reiki organisations. E.g. The Reiki Network, ProReiki, RIO and ERG. Today, he focuses on reconciliation within the Reiki community. His projects can be observed on reiki-concilition.org. Most notably the talk-show RTalk in which he welcomes guests from all walks of life in the spirit to ‘agree to disagree’.

René Vögtli is considered one of the best connected Reiki professionals in the world.

Facebook: REIKI Conciliation
YouTube: REIKI Conciliation