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Reiki as a Path to Peace with Yolanda Williams

Reiki as a Path to Peace

With Yolanda Williams

Hosted by Andrea Kennedy

As we go deeper into our Reiki practice, we absolutely start to recognize how practical everything within the system is! Explore how the elements of this healing practice can support you in paving a path to peace! Discover the Gokai and the Reiki symbols as beautiful reminders of how to establish and maintain peace to navigate everyday stresses of life with ease and awareness.

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Yolanda Williams

Yolanda Williams

The Energetic Alchemist, Host of Reiki Radio

Yolanda is an intuitive, Self-Mastery Mentor, certified Reiki Master-Teacher and host of Reiki Radio podcast. She is also certified in Wellness Counseling, through Cornell University, using a blend of techniques to help clients and students achieve deeper connections with themselves, which facilitates new levels of self-awakening and reveals the dynamics of mind, body and energy. Her methods have helped Reiki practitioners, globally, and she created an oracle deck for seekers and practitioners of energetic alchemy.

Yolanda trained with internationally recognized Reiki Masters in the lineages of Usui Reiki Ryoho and Jikiden Reiki®. She also trained with shamans and healers of various modalities, increasing her intuitive abilities and exploration of transformative self-observation. Through the podcast, Reiki Radio, she shares tools to support your spiritual journey, including interviews with healers and authors who practice various techniques. Her classes include Usui Reiki Ryoho, all levels, in San Diego, as well as mentoring and intuitive awakening courses, online. Her group classes, through The Alchemy Circle, is open to practitioners of all levels and lineages.

Website: www.theenergeticalchemist.com
Facebook: The Energetic Alchemist
Instagram: reikiradio
Twitter: the energetic alchemist