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The Ethics of Profiting from Reiki: Balancing Healing and Business with Andrea Kennedy

The Ethics of Profiting from Reiki: Balancing Healing and Business

With Andrea Kennedy

Hosted by Heather McCutcheon

Andrea’s Offer
Links for Andrea: zaap.bio/andreakennedy
Download The Garden of Reiki Healing Meditation here: – reikirays.com/the-garden-of-reiki-healing-meditation

Andrea Kennedy

Andrea Kennedy

Reiki Master Teacher, Mentor, Owner of Mainstream Reiki and Host of Beyond the Reiki Gateway Podcast

Andrea Kennedy is a full-time Reiki Master Teacher and owner of Mainstream Reiki. Her focus is to bring Reiki further into the mainstream and help others confidently practice this modality for better living. She teaches all levels of Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki and ICRT Animal Reiki, offers mentoring sessions, and shares her knowledge through her Mainstream Reiki YouTube Channel, her Beyond the Reiki Gateway podcast, and now in her new Mainstream Reiki Community that is dedicated to empowering Reiki practitioners to succeed both personally and professionally, if they choose that path.

Andrea earned a Bachelor of Science degree in physics before taking her first Reiki class in 1995. In addition to completing her Reiki education, she is a practitioner of several holistic modalities but chooses to focus her work primarily on Reiki and spiritual development. She has performed thousands of Reiki sessions for both animals and people as a volunteer and as a professional. She prioritizes quality, ethics, and professionalism in all she offers.

Website: zaap.bio/andreakennedy