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November 7 - 11, 2020

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Susan Mitchell
The Gateway to Reiki in the West: Hawayo Takata
Raven Keyes
The Practice of Medical Reiki as Part of Integrative Medicine
Torsten A. Lange
The Life-changing Secret Behind the Reiki Principles
Kathie Lipinski
Myths and Misconceptions about Reiki in Healthcare

What to Expect from This Summit

As many of us are facing unprecedented challenges and changes, we understand how important it is to continue to support your path with powerful practices and wisdom teachings that spark connection within yourself, with one another, and with the world.

In the Reiki Summit 2020, you’ll get to hear illuminating interviews that expand your sense of empowerment and inner knowing, offering practical guidance for engaging today’s world with authenticity and bravery of assuming your own Light.

During this 5-day event, enjoy the interconnectedness of being part of a global spiritual community and receive an endless flow of wisdom from some of today’s most gifted medical doctors, researchers, Reiki masters, and energy healing practitioners – visionary spirits who are aware that we can only weave a new world by working together.

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Get a sense of what you’re about to experience with the following 4 FREE interviews

The Gateway to Reiki in the West: Hawayo Takata

Join Susan Mitchell as she shares her personal experience of meeting and learning from Hawayo Takata, the woman responsible for bringing Reiki to the West. If you never had the chance to meet Mrs. Takata personally, this is your opportunity to find out more about her as a person while understanding the “origin story” shared in her classes, how she managed to have such a powerful impact on the West, and the process of preparing a successor for her powerful Reiki lineage.

Myths and Misconceptions about Reiki in Healthcare

There’s a lot of talk about Reiki healing but not all of it is true. In this groundbreaking interview, Kathie Lipinski discusses some of the most common myths and misconceptions about Reiki in healthcare settings, including cancer treatments, broken bones, pregnant women, or Reiki during surgery. This interview is proof that slowly Reiki is bringing soul, gentle touch, and compassion back into healthcare.

The practice of Medical Reiki as part of Integrative Medicine

Along with Raven Keyes, who is creating an elite team of Certified Medical Reiki Masters across the globe, we will be exploring the ways Reiki is innovating modern medicine, making its way into operating rooms during surgery, chemotherapy, and following radiation treatments. Which are the benefits of getting involved in this type of training and how can this practice support medical patients and their doctors in times of great need?

The life-changing secret behind the Reiki Principles

After sharing about his successful project of finding the world's first independent scientific proof of Reiki, Torsten A. Lange guides you in discovering the real meaning of the Reiki principles and how can we easily apply them to our everyday life. The real Reiki principles are at the very heart of the original Reiki teachings so exploring them as tools to train your mind will definitely transform your healing practice.

Awaken to your full potential and become a Reiki Lighthouse for others with this inspiring summit that starts November 7, 2020!

Day 1 - Being a Lighthouse for Others
On this first day, we’ll be focusing on how to use our inner light to show others the way to a higher level of spiritual awareness. Inspired by the healing work of strong spirits who dare to go beyond well-established boundaries of society, we’ll be welcoming our ability to be a way-shower for others simply by being who we are and allowing our voice’s soul to be heard through our fearless actions. The Reiki principles and conscious breathing are here to support this inner rebirth.

Connect with:
Susan Mitchell
The Gateway to Reiki in the West: Hawayo Takata
Dr. Sheldon Marc Feldman
Medical Reiki Research - Reiki in the operating theatre
Dr. Alyson Moadel Robblee
Medical Reiki Research - Reiki in the operating theatre
Kathie Lipinski
Myths and Misconceptions about Reiki in Healthcare
Heather McCutcheon
Reiki Outreach: Raising Awareness and Availability of the Benefits of Reiki
Pam Holder McMahon
Reiki and Breath - How Are They Influencing Our Inner Transformation

Day 2 – Our Well-Being in a New Light
The secret of well-being is living as close to our Source as possible. In our second day together, we’ll discover Reiki’s sacred power to align us with the pure light within, whether it’s as a professional practice, complementary health approach, or healing tool used to expand our perspective towards duality or deal with past traumas – both personal and transgenerational. Are you ready to see the world with new eyes?

Connect with:
Raven Keyes
The Practice of Medical Reiki as Part of Integrative Medicine
Kathleen Johnson
Is a Home-based Reiki Practice Right for You?
Andrea Kennedy
How to Build Business With A Stellar Reiki Talk
Bruce Taylor
The External Environment Mirrors the Internal - Reiki Energy vs. Dark Energy
Ashwita Goel
When your Inner Child Hijacks the Adult – About Self-sabotage and Childhood Traumas with Reiki
Sonja Bollnow
Generational Healing – It Didn't Start with You but You Can be the Beginning!

Day 3 – Embrace the Change
When transitions make their appearance in life, it is up to us how we choose to respond to them. Are we embracing change with openness and flexibility or are we reacting with resistance and rigidity? During our third day of the summit, we’ll continue to dive deeper into the fear of the unknown, recognizing change as it truly is – positive and a sign of an evolving life.

Connect with:
Marleen Duffy
Coping with COVID the Reiki Way
Kathleen Lester
Reiki in Veterinary Medicine
Vicky Roncero
Reiki for Transition
Mari Hall
Surrendering for Reiki
Lisa Campion
The Art of Psychic Reiki
Bronwen Logan
Reiki and Writing

Day 4 – Empower the Heart
Our heart embodies a level of consciousness unto itself and this is the key to living a well-balanced and fulfilled life. On the fourth day of the summit, we’ll be inspired to follow our hearts, for they know the way. Living from our heart, as our own authority, experiencing life and ourselves as a divine blessing empowers the light within and attracts other members from our healing tribe – are you ready to step into the wilderness of your heart?

Connect with:
Christine Renee
Reiki Can be Your Career Too!
Carla St. Laurent
Empowering Health Care Workers to Develop their Intuition
Will Halm
Blending Reiki into Daily Life, Personal Growth, and Spiritual Development
Sandy Walden
Overcoming Grief with Reiki
Kathy Milanowski
Setting up your Sacred Space - Empowerment of Your Own Light

Day 5 – Reiki as a Spiritual Path
Opportunities to evolve and connect with our spiritual path are continuously coming to us through our everyday experiences. All we need to do is recognize them and allow Reiki to guide us through the process of creating beauty and awareness in our lives. In our final summit day, we’ll experience Reiki as an unshakable foundation for our wind-swept lives and the challenges we’re facing at the moment.

Connect with:
Samantha Avery
Powerful Distant Healing Essentials
Torsten A. Lange
The Life-changing Secret Behind the Reiki Principles
Deborah Dalziel
The Healing Power of Labyrinths: Bringing the Sacred Experiences of Labyrinth Walking and Reiki Together
Dawn Fleming
Resolving Fertility Challenges with Reiki
Tracie Talbott
Reiki In Our Children's Lives
Deb Karpek
Reiki as An Everyday Practice - Benefits and Challenges

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