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Why and How Do You Practice Reiki? with Fumi Koji

Why and How Do You Practice Reiki?

With Fumi Koji

Hosted by Andrea Kennedy

Explore the uniqueness of Usui Reiki Ryoho, learn about the concept of Anshin Ritsumei, and dive deep into the heart of the philosophy of Usui Sensei, the Gokai. You’ll also discover how Gendai Reiki offers the pure energy inherited in the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai, but also the easy and practical techniques of Western Reiki, enjoying a Gendai Reiki prayer for universal peace.

Please find below the audio versions of Fumi Koji’s Prayer for Universal Peace.
Fumi Koji – Prayer for Universal Peace
Fumi Koji – Prayer for Universal Peace with Background Music

Fumi Koji

Fumi Koji

Gendai Reiki Master

Fumi Koji is a Gendai Reiki Master since 2007. She lives in Japan and teaches Reiki and offers Reiki healing sessions. She sometimes organizes Reiki gatherings for both Reiki practitioners as well as those new to Reiki, so they may receive Gendai Reiju for experiencing the relaxing effects of Reiki energy and share Reiki with others.

Fumi has translated Hiroshi Doi’s, book, “A Modern Reiki Method for Healing” as well as the Gendai Reiki master course by Hiroshi Doi.

She visited Spain , Denmark, Italy and Russia with Hiroshi Doi to translate for him during his speaking engagements and classes.

You can reach Fumi via e-mail at fumireiki@gmail.com

Website: www.lets-reiki.com