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A Return to The Sacred: Seeding our Reiki Practice in Nature and Ceremony with Marie Kyoko Morohoshi

A Return to The Sacred: Seeding our Reiki Practice in Nature and Ceremony

With Marie Kyoko Morohoshi

Hosted by Heather McCutcheon

Marie’s Offer
Invitation to join Marie’s outdoor Reiki training in Mt. Shasta “Returning to the Shamanic & Buddhist Roots of Reiki: Teacher Training Retreat” June 20-25, 2024. Offered during the powerful energetics of the Summer Equinox and the Full Moon in Capricorn.

Unlike any Reiki teacher training, this retreat harnesses the power of nature and the outdoors while seamlessly weaving the resonant purification practices of Shinto and Shugendo with the indigenous Lakota ways of ceremony. The STARNATION REIKI lineage seeks to shift the diasporic Reiki field by returning to the sacred and changing the way teachers teach Reiki on Turtle Island and beyond.
Priority for BIPOC & LGBTQIA+ folks. Allies welcome!

Join the waitlist.
Email: [email protected]
Website: starnationreiki.com

Marie Kyoko Morohoshi

Marie Kyoko Morohoshi

Reiki Shihan, Founder of STARNATION REIKI and Sacred Activist

Born to Japanese immigrant parents, Marie Kyoko Morohoshi is a queer Nisei (second generation) Japanese American Reiki Master Teacher and sacred activist. Her Reiki practice is informed by years of rigorous Zen training she received at an early age in the Urasenke Chado (Way of Tea) tradition and through the Ikenobo School of Ikebana (Way of Flowers).

Marie believes in restoring a deep reverence and relationship with nature and all things sacred. She weaves traditional, ceremonial, and ancestral ways of healing and medicine into her Reiki practice and training. Unwavering and committed to social justice issues, she has shown up on the front lines from Standing Rock to Mauna a Wākea, to the Winnemem Wintu’s Run4Salmon and their 300 mile prayerful journey in Mt Shasta and beyond. Her vision is to train as many BIPOC and LGBTQ+ Reiki practitioners so that they may bring the healing benefits of Reiki into their respective communities. One Reiki Jedi at a time. You can count on her to show up with her medicine ways and gear in hand.

When she’s not working, you can find her chasing waterfalls and recharging at power spots up in Buliyum Puyuuk (aka Mt Shasta) and other sacred spaces between heaven and earth.

Website: starnationreiki.com