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Breaking Down Barriers: Women’s Leadership in the System of Reiki with Carrie Varela, Bronwen Logan and Michaela Daystar

Breaking Down Barriers: Women’s Leadership in the System of Reiki

With Carrie Varela, Bronwen Logan and Michaela Daystar

Hosted by Yolanda Williams

Bronwen, Michaela, and Carrie’s Offer
Indulge in the enriching world of Reiki with the Reiki Women Podcasts, available on YouTube & Spotify.

You are also cordially invited to Bronwen, Michaela, and Carrie’s Facebook group where they hold discussions about the topics they discuss in the podcasts and host a monthly Embodying Reiki practice group.

Join their growing community here: RWP Embodying Reiki FaceBook group.

Carrie Varela

Carrie Varela

Reiki Teacher, Yogini, Blissologist, Podcaster, Founder of the Reiki Healing Society

Carrie Varela is the founder of the Reiki Healing Society. In her 15 years as a Reiki practitioner, she has had the wonderful privilege of studying many diverse types of Reiki, including Tibetan/Usui Reiki, Holy Fire Reiki, Jikiden Reiki, and Usui Reiki Ryoho. She has provided thousands of Reiki treatments and guided over 75 Reiki courses, leading hundreds through the process of learning Reiki.

Carrie works with Reiki enthusiasts, students, and practitioners to help them gain confidence in their ability to use Reiki in their own healing process and to transmit it to others. She possesses the gift to make spiritual concepts practical and engaging, even for those who are longing to connect to their spirit but often get trapped in their logical minds.

In her Reiki practice, Carrie has had the privilege to work with clients on diverse issues, including emotional pain, physical pain, traumatic life events, and deep healing crises like cancer. She has recently discovered her home within Reiki, the Usui Reiki Ryoho, and she is honored to teach Reiki from this lineage. Carrie is also an E-500hr yoga instructor, co-founder & co-producer of Reiki Women Podcasts, a Blissologist, mom, mystic & modern-day healer.

The Reiki Healing Society represents an invitation to connect present-day Reiki practitioners with each other and to inspire them to collaborate with one another to expand their reach and impact. In essence, it’s about building a community where they can support each other on their path to becoming the best Reiki practitioners they can be. It is a space within Reiki to learn how to do less harm, undo racism, and connect to the roots of Reiki for greater authenticity & embodiment.

You can join the Reiki Healing Society’s trauma-informed Reiki community on Facebook or check out their services, retreats, and healing programs at www.reikihealingsociety.com.

Email: [email protected]
Website: www.reikihealingsociety.com

Bronwen Logan

Bronwen Logan

Reiki Teacher, Meditation Instructor, Podcaster, Author, Founder of Reiki with Bronwen & Co-founder of the International House of Reiki

International Reiki teacher, meditation instructor, podcaster, and Reiki author, Bronwen Logan, is devoted to empowering individuals through meditation, spiritual teachings, and professional development. As the founder of Reiki with Bronwen, she guides students towards a heightened sense of wholeness in everyday life.

As a co-founder of the International House of Reiki and Shibumi International Reiki Association, Bronwen (under the name Bronwen Stiene) has co-authored acclaimed books like The Reiki Sourcebook and The Japanese Art of Reiki. Additionally, she has created numerous web classes, written hundreds of blogs, and developed educational materials for students of all levels. Bronwen is also the voice behind many Reiki audiobooks and meditations and is an originating member of Reiki Women Podcasts.

Since 1998, Bronwen has played a significant role in revitalizing the Japanese practice of Reiki, learning from diverse teachers, both Western and Japanese, to enhance her Reiki skills and understanding. Based on research into traditional Japanese practices, she has played a major role in identifying foundational Reiki teachings, such as The Three Diamonds and the Five Elements of the System of Reiki. With a passion for healing and animals, Bronwen offers Reiki classes and treatments for humans and animals at Tomah Retreat in Australia and coaches the system worldwide in-person and online.

Website: reikiwithbronwen.com
Email: [email protected]

Michaela Daystar

Michaela Daystar

Reiki Teacher, Podcaster & Community Leader, Founder of HeartScapes

Michaela Daystar founded HeartScapes at the intersection of self-reflection, spiritual practice, and social action after a 15-year career in social justice leadership development in universities and organizations. Wishing to support her clients and students to make their precious contribution to the world from the inside out, she teaches the system of Reiki as a pathway to self-development, emotional resilience, and remembering our true self. In working with other Reiki practitioners, she also teaches trauma-informed principles to increase safety, trust, choice and consent in our healing communities.

Michaela continues her studies of Reiki with the International House of Reiki, and holds a Master’s Degree in Social Justice Leadership.

Website: www.heartscapesinsight.com
Email: [email protected]