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The Opening of Reiki to the Self-Attunement with Elaine Hamilton Grundy

The Opening of Reiki to the Self-Attunement

With Elaine Hamilton Grundy

Hosted by Yolanda Williams

Elaine’s Offer
Experience a transformative journey through Elaine’s free masterclass, Deepening Your Own Experience with Reiki, and discover the four stages of spiritual awakening, powerful insights, and guided meditation: Free Masterclass| The Reiki Centre

Join Elaine’s Monthly Reiki Reiju: Events and Gatherings | The Reiki Centre

The 5 min self-attunement guide: Reiki Self Attunement

Elaine Hamilton Grundy

Elaine Hamilton Grundy

Reiki Teacher and Founder of The Reiki Centre, Wellbeing Advisor for the NHS and Mind charity, Author

Elaine has been teaching Reiki since 1995 and juggled teaching Reiki with a busy corporate career. She set up The Reiki Centre in 2007 and has since dedicated her work to teaching Reiki and advocating for high-quality Reiki education free from dogma.

Elaine has trained thousands of Reiki students and over 80 Reiki Masters via her vigorous Teacher training program. She is the author of “Reiki, Pure and Simple” and “Reiki – A Path to Freedom”.

Elaine takes an active interest in supporting the evolution of Reiki. She is a founding member of The Usui Reiki Association, Singapore (TURA), and has authored two global Reiki consumer research projects, the latest one published in 2020.

Elaine now lives in the UK and teaches Reiki online as well as in the Portsmouth area. She is a founding Director of a social enterprise Wellbeing Within Community CIC running free wellbeing groups for those who need it most. She also works as a Wellbeing advisor for the NHS and Mind charity.

Website: www.reiki-centre.com
Facebook: ReikiCentre