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How to Free Yourself into Authentic Spiritual Practice – Leaving the “Shoulds” Behind with Andrea Kennedy

How to Free Yourself into Authentic Spiritual Practice – Leaving the “Shoulds” Behind

With Andrea Kennedy

Hosted by Yolanda Williams

If you ever experienced the pressures of being spiritual enough, practicing Reiki in the “right” way, setting a spiritual practice according to other people’s beliefs, meeting all your expectations and comparing yourself with others when it comes to your healing process, watch this amazing interview to cultivate the courage to leave the “shoulds” behind and free yourself into authentic spiritual practice! Give yourself permission to choose what feels right for you!

Please find here the How to Free Yourself into Authentic Spiritual Practice booklet by Andrea Kennedy (PDF format).

Andrea Kennedy

Andrea Kennedy

Reiki Master Teacher, Mentor and Owner of Mainstream Reiki

Andrea KennedyAndrea’s full-time mission through Mainstream Reiki is to promote Reiki in mainstream ways through her classes, YouTube channel, podcast, her Reiki practice and social media so more people may experience the benefits of Reiki.

She teaches all levels of Holy Fire III Reiki now online with her high standards for quality Reiki training. Andrea also provides Reiki mentoring sessions to assist practitioners with confidence in practicing personally or to build a successful Reiki business.

After earning a degree in physics, Reiki found her unexpectedly. Although she was skeptical about it and felt little to nothing when she practiced, positive feedback from others kept her interested.

She has built two successful Reiki businesses and has joined us to share her insights in hopes of assisting you in realizing your dreams of owning a thriving Reiki business and wholeheartedly believes if she can do it, so can you.

You can contact Andrea at: andrea@mainstreamreiki.com

Website: www.mainstreamreiki.com
Podcast: www.beyondthereikigateway.com
YouTube: MainstreamReiki
Facebook: MainstreamReiki
Instagram: mainstream_reiki