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The End of the Mystery-Mongering: The Reiki Symbols and Their History, Meanings, Misconceptions & Effective Usage with Mark Hosak

The End of the Mystery-Mongering: The Reiki Symbols and Their History, Meanings, Misconceptions & Effective Usage

With Mark Hosak

Hosted by Andrea Kennedy

Why were the Reiki symbols kept secret and should they remain this way? Do we have to write the symbols very accurately in order for them to work correctly? Do we need the symbols to make a remote contact? Does intention play a role in the power of the symbols when we use them? All your questions and curiosities about this topic will be answered in this interview, and you’ll also learn about the secret Reiki techniques!

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Mark Hosak

Mark Hosak

Reiki Master Mentor, Buddhist Healer and Founder of the Style Shingon Reiki

Mark Hosak shows Reiki practitioners and Reiki masters how to enhance their Reiki skills and perception in order to awaken their innermost talents and live their true desires.

A Reiki practitioner since 1993 and a lover of ancient Japanese culture, Mark has been searching for the roots of Reiki and the Reiki symbols in the footsteps of Mikao Usui for more than 25 years. He studied Japanology and East Asian Art History at Heidelberg University, lived for three years in Japan with two scholarships for research about the Reiki symbols and Buddhist rituals at Kyoto University. During his stay in Japan, he also became a calligrapher and a Buddhist monk.

With this knowledge, Mark founded in 2005 the Reiki style Shingon Reiki. This is traditional Usui Reiki, Kuji-Kiri and Kuji-In and Buddhist-Daoist healing with Mantras, Mudras, and symbols. Today he is giving training in Shingon Reiki, Buddhist and Daoist Healing, Tai Chi and Qigong in online courses in English and German.

Mark is the author of several books and articles on Reiki and the Buddhist Art of Healing in Esoteric Buddhism. He translates spiritual texts from classical Japanese and explains the connection between Japanese history, culture, religion, and spirituality to understand Reiki from its roots.

Websites: shingon-reiki.com
Facebook: Shingon Reiki – Dr. Mark Hosak
Instagram: your_reiki_guide
YouTube: Reiki Gamechanger