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Your Crystal Healing Guide – How to Enhance Your Reiki, Meditation & QiGong Practices with Eileen Wiesmann

Your Crystal Healing Guide – How to Enhance Your Reiki, Meditation & QiGong Practices with Crystals

With Eileen Wiesmann

Hosted by Yolanda Williams

Can crystals help us shift energetically? What happens when you place them on the body or have them around the home, aside from them being very beautiful? We use Reiki to amplify the crystals, but are the crystals also amplifying the Reiki? Learn different techniques to enhance your spiritual practices using the healing power of crystals!

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Eileen Wiesmann

Eileen Wiesmann

Usui Reiki Master, Shingon Reiki Master Practitioner, Coach for Qigong and Meditation

Eileen Wiesmann came to Reiki after an emergency operation with a near death experience. Given up by conventional medicine, she started to learn Shingon Reiki. With this combination of Usui Reiki and Buddhist-Daoist Healing, Eileen was able to start a new life without chronical pain and frequent operations. In 2020, she wrote an article about her personal healing story in the German Reiki Magazine.

As a historian with a focus on religious history, it is very important to Eileen to bring spirituality and science together. She was born as a highly sensitive scanner personality and as an empath. At an early age, she developed an interest in spirituality. She felt a deep connection to nature and animals and secretly sneaked into the forest to connect with forces of nature. From childhood she collected stones and crystals, whose ascribed energetic effects she learned extensively.

Then there was a phase in her life she devoted herself fully to science and didn’t want to have anything more to do with spirituality. She found a substitute for her spirituality as a goth lady in the gothic subculture and enjoyed reading fantasy novels such as Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.

But deep in her heart she never forgot spirituality and always came in contact with people who recognized her spiritual and medial abilities at a glance. Since 2015, she has been practicing meditation intensively and soon afterwards began to learn Qigong and Tai Chi. In Qigong lessons, she noticed parallels to Reiki and other methods with hands on healing. To find out more about these relationships, in addition to Shingon Reiki training, she also attends Qigong, martial arts courses and calligraphy training.

While searching for like-minded people who believed in a synthesis of spirituality and science, she finally met Mark Hosak. In him, she recognized a true soulmate and he encouraged her to work with spirituality full-time. He also shares her enthusiasm for crystals and they exchange ideas regularly. In addition to that he also never gave up on her during her serious illness and nursed her back to health for months with Shingon Reiki and all the resources at his disposal.

Today she combines her passion for stones and crystals with Qigong, Reiki and meditation. She loves the creative work with spirituality that invites the inner child to play and laugh as much as the cultural and historical background. So she is also planning a doctoral thesis on Daoism and Japan. Due to her closeness to nature, she is intensively educating herself in the field of shamanism and is happy to be able to integrate the crystals there as well.

You can reach Eileen via e-mail at: eileen@shingon-reiki.de

Website: www.shingon-reiki.com